Photo Exhibition and Auction to Benefit Cotlands Orphanage

The 2010 South Africa Photo Exhibition and Auction September 16–24, 2010 • Second Floor Student Lounge

All Proceeds to Benefit Cotlands Orphanage in South Africa

photo by Vince Deligio

In 2010, John Marshall students visited South Africa as part of the Comparative Human Rights: South Africa and the United States course. During their travels, they visited Cotlands Orphanage, delivering an unprecedented donation to the orphanage and the children living there. Moved by Cotlands’ mission, and inspired by South Africa, students have organized a photo exhibition of more than 150 images from their travels and a silent auction to raise awareness and additional aid for the orphanage. While the primary goal of the auction is raise money for Cotlands, students hope the images will awaken the John Marshall community to the need for immediate, specific assistance.

The exhibition will be held in the second floor student lounge, and will begin on Thursday, September 16. Bids for each photograph will be accepted anonymously until noon on Friday, September 24. Winning bidders will be notified to claim their photograph and to make the corresponding payment.

While more than 150 images from South Africa are set for auction, only a small selection are viewable online.

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