First Day of Class

9:00 – 9:30 a.m.

It’s not obvious from the photo to the left, but we started each class day getting coffee/tea and biscuits (or some morning food). Subsequently, as can be seen in the photo, right after everyone was settled with their morning coffee, we gathered in a large circle around the classroom.

Charlie (standing) introduced himself, followed by Brian (to Charlie’s right) and Prof. MacLachlan (to Charlie’s left, in blue). Each gave a brief personal introduction, which included their experiences in negotiation and mediation.

This was followed by each students’ personal introduction. For this (and to begin with an exercise in listening), students broke off into pairs and talked about themselves for just a few moments with each other. After which we all returned to the large circle, and each student introduced the partner that they were speaking with a few minutes earlier.

Later in the day, Charlie gave an overview of mediation, including its applications, benefits, and methods. After which, he (with volunteers) gave a prepared mediation demo so students could have a first impression of what a mediation might look like. Following the demo, there was a discussion regarding many aspects and issues that arose during the mock mediation, before we ended our first day.

Monday Evening

As every evening during the rest of the week would be busy, we went out to have dinner as a group that first evening. It can be argued that during the term, before going to Scotland, our group got along very well, but as a whole, we hadn’t really bonded outside of the classroom much. This first evening was the beginning of that dynamic completely changing, so much so, that by the end of the trip a much deeper relationship existed between us; well beyond “oh, that’s someone that I have class with once a week.”

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