South Africa: Clinical Meetings

A major component of the program is our clinical work.  One of the most exciting and unique elements of this work is that we are performing it in conjunction with LLM students at the University of Pretoria. The clinical work covers the spectrum of human rights, from gender equality problems to communication studies.  Students are working in teams of two or three with small groups from the University of Pretoria. Today we had the opportunity to meet our counterparts, and the bonds formed were amazing. The significance of the work we are performing is so exciting to both groups. We will be preparing this research and reports for NGOs and other influential bodies as they attempt to improve the human rights situation across the continent. An interesting note is that for as much work that has to be done in South Africa, there were issues that our counterparts assumed were clearly provided for in the United States, including housing, health care, and privacy laws. By the end of the meeting everyone was hugging and taking photographs with their new friends. Skype meetings are getting scheduled, and though it’s strange to say we can’t wait to get back, these assignments are so exciting and new friends are so wonderful that we all want to get going on the work.

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